Prank gone wrong - short stories 2020

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Last summer, we went to a friend's house. We were planning on doing a birthday surprise for our friend, Nash. He was turning 18 this year. So, we had the crazy idea of pranking him on his birthday. I and my three other friends were discussing through our secret chat and decided to do the prank on one of my friend's house. 

"Are we really going to do this?", Adler.

"Of course we are going to do this! He could never forget about this prank. haha!", Billy.

 I added with a laugh and said "This will be the craziest idea ever. Jack, are you sure there's no one at your home?"

"Chill out guys, everything will be just fine. My parent went out on a holiday trip. I bet Nash will never forget this one", Jack.

"Yeah right Jack, but how can we afford to buy that thing?", Billy.

"Is it expensive?", Adler.

"Are you guys really wanted to buy that thing? is it safe?", I said.

"Seriously Tom, don't be a coward, it just happened in the movie, not in real life. I found this website, I think we can buy from that merchant. It's not that expensive though ", Jack.

Jack is a spoiled rich son. The only son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard. 

The Next Day

"Dude, I already bought it." Jack.

"Where did you get that thing from?" Adler.

"I know someone from my mutual friend, he sells this thing at a lower price, so I bought it. It looks new." Jack.

"Can we see it?" Billy.

Jack take that thing out of his bag and showed it to us. An Ouija.

"You crazy, I thought we suppose to use that fake one,"  I said.

"Come on Tom, it's nothing serious, no one will get hurt. It just for fun." Billy.

"I guess I just watch too much movie. haha." and we all laugh.

Never came to my mind that we would make a crazy idea just to prank our friend on his birthday.

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The actual day

"Why so sudden in Jack's house?" Nash.

"Look Nash, just pretend that you got an invitation as a VIP to enter my house. Not everyone got the chance to do that." Jack teased, and we all laugh.

"Yeah right, I forgot, you're the rich guy in this town. All hail to you.", Nash.

We all laugh at the comment Nash was throwing on Jack. 

9.00 pm 

"So, Nash, today we had something special to you. As your birthday surprise, we want to show you something.", Jack.

Jack takes out the Ouija.

"Are you kidding me? is this real board?" Nash.

"Of course dude, this is real." Adler.

"What you want to do with that?" Nash.

"Since this is your birthday, why don't we try to play this Ouija. Just for fun." Jack.

"Are you crazy, is this what you define as fun? what if something bad happened?" Nash.

"Chill out Nash, it just happened in the movie," I said.

But because we are his friend, and was at Jack's house, Nash had to agree. But he didn't know that we plan on pranking by moving the Ouija between us. 

We all put our finger on the board, and said the words, making a circle, then we asked questions.

"Is there any spirit in this room?", Jack.

Billy slightly moved the planchette and point to Yes, Nash was shocked, and scream "shit!"

"That's real bro. It moving!" Nash.

We asked the second question, "What is your name?"

This time Billy tried to spell the name, but not even half Billy spell the name, Nash suddenly takes out his hand and said "Stop playing this!". We thought he found it out, and we were laughing. But Nash didn't take that joke, he stands there and sees all of us with wide-open eyes and heavy breath. 

"Are you okay dude?" I asked.

He started being panic. Then, Jack goes to Nash and puts his hand on Nash's head, "Nash, are you okay? We just messing with you."

9.15 PM

"I swear someone was blowing at my left ear,?" Nash.

We thought he was kidding.

"It just a prank dude, we just messing out with you," I said.

Nash still stood there, out of a sudden, Billy got out of his place and said, "There someone touching my elbow," 

"It just a wind" Jack insisted.

Then, there was a sound coming from the kitchen. We go there and check it but there was no one there, suddenly, all the chair was pulled away from the table. We started freaking out.

"Let's get out from here," Jack said.

We took all of our belonging, then, we heard someone was running at the second level. My heart was beating fast. We all ran to the door, I was the last person. Something was blocking my view, and I was fell over.

"Wait for me!" I scream,

Luckily, Billy heard and go back to help me, he was pulling me to get up back, and I saw someone looking at me at the guest room on the left side of me, waving at me, I'm positive there was someone there trying to scare us, but Jack said it was impossible since no one lives there beside him.   

9.35 Pm

We were all stayed outside of Jack's house, he called his uncle to stay with him that night.

Nash was fine, so does everyone.

We were all looking at each other and laugh, "l hope my mom and dad got another house, I don't think I can stay in that house anymore."

We were all laughing.

"I will never play that thing again, ever," Nash.

"Make it two of us." Jack.

"Well, at least we accomplished the mission," I said.

"What?" Nash.

"Making you to not forget about this prank." Adler.

All of us are laughing.

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Disclaimer - These posts are a work of fiction based on the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, locale, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

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