3 things to do in 2020

We still had one month left before entering the year 2020. But, one month seems so short. So, here I am planning on the list of what to do or can I achieve those 3 things within 1 year?

We've heard about these verbs, "Man plans, God decides". That is true, we do plan about anything, but the plan came out with action too. You plan, you do and in the end, you'll see the result of it.

Okay, enough with the lectures, came back to the main topics, the 3 things to do in 2020. It's not so difficult, but to take the first step might be a challenge for a beginner.

So, here there are, 3 things to do in 2020.

1) Climbing a Mountain.

Had I ever go climbing the mountains? I guess I only can see it through my window home. Years 2020 can be a difficulty for some of us or challenging despite being single and not married. Yeah, whatever. Go challenge yourself to take part in climbing or hike a mountain. Challenge your mind to think the impossible to possible. Teach yourself to never give up and whatever the circumstances are, you can make it through.

2) Stay Fit, Stay Healthy.

Christmas is around the corner, and the food served is more like a fiesta. We can't refuse to eat because we just like to eat. Okay, eat as much as you want, but first thing first, let's work it out in the year 2020. Being fit is not just having a great body, but it boosts your level of confidence and feels energized. Plus with, being healthy.

3) Travel alone.

I always wanted to travel alone whenever I had the chance. Being able to be alone and stay away from a busy life. Learn the new culture and how others see life from their perspective point of view. Though, you had to save the money to travel alone. It should not be a problem if you had the commitment to doing things that brighten you and grow you in a mature way.

There's a lot of things can be done for the whole year of 2020. However, to come to that point, we need a better plan and strategic actions. So, whatever it is, keep in mind that we can achieve those 3 things if we were so determined and believe to ourselves So, what are your 3 things to do in 2020?


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