The stories about Jane - Part 1

"I might say, I was being swayed by my problems and lost my way many times. I was about to give up, but I think I can handle this one." - Jane

Jane, an innocent girl, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson.  

At the age of 15, she's been shocked by her family's conflict. Her father, Jackson married another woman and left both her and her mother. Knowing that her only father that was supposed to take care of them left for another woman, makes her irritated with him. 

Jane's mother Susie was not really accepting the fact that her husband was about to left her for another woman. Remembering the day he said "I Do" in front of her family had torn her heart into a pieces, she kind of losing her mind. Jane was worried about her mother. Fifteen years of marriage destroyed by the man she promised to live with.

They were both devastated by the situation but still, they tried to stay put together. One month pass by, everything seems okay. Enter three, six and nine months, Susie's condition became worst. She started to lock herself in the room, not eating but yet she still going to work, although she is absence-mind.

To see how much her mother loves her father makes Jane hated him even more. She tried to search for any possibilities to make her mother being normal again. She even called her aunt with the hope her mother will be fine. Unfortunately, her aunt was not a supportive sister, "serve you right, Susie". Jane had enough of it, she drives out her aunty and makes sure she never comes back.

For almost one year, her mother been sobbing over her father. Susie's manager gave her a three months break without payout check. That means, they don't have money to pay for bills. It takes days and days for Jane to think that she wanted to drop out of school to support her mother. And, she did.

Being a dropout student, working at the age of 16 until 18 made her realize that she wasted part of her life as a teenager. But at the same time, she can't just leave her mother like that. She had no one, her aunt, uncle, left them just like that. She had no friends, no other relatives that lent a hand. None!

As time flies by times, Susie got better, she even worked now, her mother looks different, not in term of physical but in her mood. She seems so happy and not so depressed. Jane felt happy for her. They both worked now, like mother like daughter, everything seems so well this time.

It's a New Year! When she is 20 years old, Jane was working at a big shop, she got off at 9.00 pm. She was waiting for her Uber to come to pick her up at the entrance of the shop. While waiting for about 10 minutes, she goes to buy some drinks at the grocery store across the streets. She managed to buy it. Exactly 10 minutes, her Uber had arrived. 

This seems so cringy, but the Uber who had arrived had a good manner. Although they never meet before, he is so gentle that he even helps Jane to open the door for her. Jane's heart fluttered, and yet still managed to be cool all of sudden. Thank you with a sweet grin from Jane showed it all that she actually feel shy. That Uber was a good looking person, a same-age maybe like in the '20s said, Jane.

They arrived at Jane's home. Jane got out. She told all about her day to her mother and at one point, she even said that she think she had fallen in love at the first sight with Uber, and hope to get to see him again tomorrow. Her mom just laughs at loud while teasing her beloved daughter.

But, wait until she sees and knows who the driver really was. 

Photo by Flora Westbrook


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