The stories about Jane - Part 2

A day passes by, for almost a week, Jane didn't come to see her crush. But, it didn't wash out the feels she had for that man. Since 16 years old, Jane had no experience of having a crush on someone else. The thing that happened within her family had impacted a lot in her life.

Nevertheless, the gentleness of that man towards her made she change her mind that not all the man are the same. Besides, she's only 20's at that time. There's a lot of things to be discovered in her age that hasn't been locked on during her teens.

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It's off day. A Sunday would be a perfect day for her and her mother to spent time at the mall. It should be. She earned that. She took care of her mother for so long. She takes the best clothes she had and put some makeup, wearing nice shoes and searching for an Uber. With hope, she will find the same Uber she's been falling with a week ago.

Then, the Uber came. Oh,, It's not him, said Jane in her heart. But it's not a big deal. They asked the Uber to get them to the mall, and the navigation was set on. For about 20 minutes, they had arrived at their destination. There they are, entering the mall with a light step. Like normally what would a woman do.

They were spending their time well at the mall, for almost an hour in there. They don't even realize it. There was this one bookstore where Jane like it very much, though she hasn't finished her studies and being a dropout student (with a good reason), she is just a brilliant woman and had a strong personality.

While she was searching for a book, unexpectedly, she meets someone, just at the corner of the book racks, the man she had a crush with. Oh no, she said, that's him, but wait, she wanted to say hello to him, but scared that he will freak out, and say Who are you? Nonetheless, she still goes near him and says Hello. What a surprise, he still remembered her.

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They had a talk, a long conversation. She knows, her heart was beating so fast that day he spoke with her. This isn't happening, isn't it? said in her heart. But, a wide smile was shown on her face and she likes it very much. The way that he was treating her, made a day brighter.

On those moments, her mom came and saw what was happening. She then teasing Jane because she does know that her daughter was falling in love. Although she knows that, Susie hopefully, she didn't get too much attached to that man. On that day, that man asked Jane for her number, she excitedly gave him her number.

That man named, Bresley.

They both got to know each other, for almost three months. They became friends, and they talked about anything. Jane was very comfortable being herself when she's with Bresley. But, she doesn't know about Bresley the way he feels about her, but surely she knows what she feels about him. So much.

At one time, Bresley asked Jane if she wanted to see his family because he already knows about Jane's mother. Where is your dad? Jane told him, her dad had died since she was still a kid. So, she said, she had no memories with him. Only Jane knows the truth about her father but she kept it as a secret. Jane agreed to see his family.

The next day, Bresley picked up Jane at her house. Then, they go straight to Bresley's house. Jane felt a little bit nervous because she was never doing it before. They arrived and she waits in the living room. The moment his parents came out, Jane stop at the moment. She couldn't move her feet. 

What actually happened to her at that moment she sees his parents?


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