The stories about Jane - Part 3 (Ending)

You could hear a pin drop ...

Yes, she, Jane was shocked when she met with Bresley's parents for the first time. She doesn't know how to react, either wanting to shout, cry, or get out of that house. But surely, she was astonished, irritated and angry, her heartbeat was so fast, seeing his parents.

Deep inside her heart says "That was my father, was, a long time ago", tear begin drops from her eyes.

Part 1 - The stories about Jane
Part 2 - The stories about Jane

What even shocked was, Bresley's father, the stepfather, Jane's father, her biological father, doesn't recognize Jane, his own daughter. Like he had forgotten her and her mother for almost 7 years. Her father, MrJackson, started to ask, why are you crying? Jane just stood there, saying nothing and can't even keep looking at him. A moment later, she gets herself together and says.

"I'm sorry, but I had a thing to do, my mom was looking for me, I am sorry but I need to go back right away. Thank you Bresley, but I'm sorry I had to go. You had such a lovely family." - Jane

What? said Bresley. She just storms out of their house. She doesn't care how far she walked or how money wasted to travel to get to her house. With tears running through her cheeks and felt agitated, she just walks, grabs any taxi and returns to her home. 

As she arrived at her home, she runs to her mother and hugs her like she never saw her before. Her phone was ringing at that time, and the name came out "Bresley", she ignores it and turn off her phone for a day. She didn't tell anything to her mother, she just kept it to herself. She goes to her bedroom, locked the door, and just stares at the ceiling while remembering what was happening on that day.

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The next day, Jane came out of her room. Her mother was preparing some breakfast. Out of the blue, Jane had a conversation with her mother.

"Had you miss dad? mom?", Jane asked. 

"Why suddenly asked?", Susie answered. 

"Nothing, it's been 7 years,  and for 7 years, we had to do all by ourselves." 

Susie interrupted, "but we still make it, right?"

Jane asked with an angry tone, "don't you hated him? what if you saw him again? what would you do? doesn't it bother you, mom? he left us, for another woman, he left, he left you, and mostly he left me. He is not a father figure that I was expected."

Things get dissonant. They had quite a moment for a second. Then, Susie continues.

"Jane, sometimes things get really bad. Things like me and your dad. I know this had affected your life, and I am truly sorry for what he did, and what I'd done to you. You don't deserve this. You are a smart kid. But, honey, whatever the situation is, that we are been right now, even for 7 years he had left us, it doesn't change anything, he is still your father, and I still loved him. But we can't force someone to changed for us, right? I respect his decision, and if I had the chance to see him, I am glad. Glad to know that his okay."

Jane can take any longer, she spills the truth about Bresley, and his father was her father too.

"Mom, he was Bresley's stepfather. I saw them yesterday mom. I saw them with my own eyes. He's a stupid old man. He and his new wife and son. Doesn't it bother you?"

Jane can see how her mother reacts to that statement, Susie takes a sip of a coffee and smile.

"It doesn't matter anymore, Jane. I had you. Your biggest gift that God gave me. My feelings for your father hasn't changed. But, he had his own life, let him be. Just remember, although he hurt you, but he still your father after all. Don't let that thing get into your friendship with Bresley. He is a nice kid, he doesn't deserve to be treated like that, the problem with your father is just between me and him. Don't let that ruin your friendship. We are an adult and we should respond in a mature way. Don't worry, Jane. Mom's okay."

It makes Jane confuse, but whatever the reason is, she understands it. She understands well. It doesn't matter what was happening, that was passed. She knows her mother's message to her was, grow from that pain. 

It does take time for that pain to be a cure, but remember the long journey she was with her mother, reminds that, that biggest crisis doesn't make her quit just like that, but instead, she grows from that and able to support her mom, her family. Things might get awkward for her and Bresley, and how she will react to her father. But, above all that, the things that catch her strength, is to never get down even it is a small, or big trouble in front of her.


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