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See, Write, and Post-it. Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life.

It's been a long day since early March I've met my friend at the church. Truthfully, I miss that moment even we had to meet for only one hour or less than that. This pandemic had taught me to be more grateful at every moment of my life. Enjoy the moment while you still can with the friends surround you, the people you met, include strangers. Whenever you are right now, I wish you a Happy Sunday and even we are not from the same religion, I wish you had good health and stay safe with your family.

Before pandemic VS after the pandemic

Before the Malaysian government announced for Movement Control Order on 16 March 2020, I was in the city, at a skilled institution for short courses. Luckily, a week before the lockdown, the head school allowed us to go back home. Then, I drove back to my hometown, it took me one hour. So, does everyone. Some were miles away, some were just around there. But, thank God, there are no positive cases back then.

Nonetheless, living in my hometown is so much fun even it was a lockdown. There are more things you can explore, you can learn and the things that you haven't had a chance before such as, helping your parents in the field, cleaning the house, and do some fun things. However, because this is a movement control order, not everything that I usually do as before pandemic can be done as I please. The rule is a rule, it's either you obey or disobedient. 
  1. Social Distancing.
    There are no exceptions to the world. These COVID-19 had completely changed the way we live. No shake hands and keep your distance.

    Photo by Joshua Miranda

  2. Maintaining Hygiene.
    Always wash your hands, take a bath, and always maintain your hygiene. Even my niece and nephews can understand and do better than me. LoL.

    Photo by Burst

  3. Wear a mask and take a bath.
    Every time you go out, buy some groceries or take an order from someone who delivered it to you, you have to wear a mask, and then, go clean yourself. You had to always take a precaution.

    Photo by Ian Panelo

  4. Only the head family had to go to buy groceries.
    Sad but it's true, at first, only the head family had to buy needed supplies at the supermarket. But, after 8 weeks of a movement control order, only two people were allowed to buy supplements.

    Photo by Anna Shvets

  5. No gathering, no seeing your friend, stay at home!
    All the birthday parties, planning on going on holiday and go outing was canceled. It's better for us to stay at home for a moment. 

    Photo by ready made
However, this rule only applies in my country, there's more of the order such as the school will have online classes, work from home, some of the company was closed, but for a restaurant, they will be allowed only take away. But, I think most of us obey this instruction nor some were stubborn.

I hope this will end soon.

Stay safe and stay at home. Hold on for a while.

Here a song for you, Happy Sunday!


Tiada Laut yang terlalu dalam - There's no deep sea
Tiada Gunung yang teramat tinggi - There's no high mountain
Saat Engkau Bapa menggandeng tanganku - When You, Father holds my hand
Lewati laut gunung kehidupan - Go through this mountain of life

Takkan dapat aku bayangkan - I can't imagine
Arungi hidup tanpaMu Tuhan - Live life without you God
Hatiku rindu bersamaMu - My heart miss with You
Lebih dan lebih lama lagi, Tuhan - Over and over, Dear God

After the COVID-19 had struck the world, there's a lot we learn through it, but still, right now, there are people who fight for their life, face the economic crisis, losing a job, and much more burden that we might not know. We can't blame anyone, it is what it is, maybe it was easy to say "everything will be fine", but the reality is, it took so much strength and emotions to fight this situation. No matter how hard our life right now, keep believing that, at some point, this all will end. 

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  1. very true...hold on for a while because this is what we needed right now.

  2. Informative article! well explained. Thank you for sharing this blog with us.

  3. Hey Lisa, very nicely penned down. That’s true this shall too pass and we just need to believe and stay positive.
    The Blissful Aura (

  4. An amazing article for things happening today!

  5. Its lovely jow you described the quarantine phase of your life! 😊

  6. its so boring with this covid, thanks for your sharing


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