The lies within you - short stories 2021 (Part 2)

December 2013, fast forward. It's been such a long journey between me and Suzy. We were engaged but haven't set foot at the altar for marriage. Due to our work and our carrier and focus more on self-develop, I think it's time to take the bigger responsibility as a man. So, I had made my mind. I'm about to propose to her again at the place where our first meeting was held. 

It was 7.00 o'clock in the evening, I was so nervous. I'd never felt like this before. I reserved our tables where people were not crowded, so the plan goes well. I picked the romantic sets of candles and asked the staff to decorate them so nicely. I asked them to set up the best dinner they can make on that day.

At 8.00 o'clock she came. She sat on the chair and smile while seeing me. I was taken back, should I tell her or not? I felt like a coward for not daring to say the words to her. I took a deep breath and being calm for a moment. But still, I compose myself. For about 10 minutes we sat and talk like normally we do. While holding hands and telling how we felt that night.

Now it's time to tell her the surprise.

While I hold her hand, a violist came to our table, and play the instrument. She was quietly staring at me, with a question mark, what's going on? Here came the second surprise, the big cake with the word lighten on the cake, Will you marry me? She started to freak out and her eyes start to get teary. And, the last thing I'd done, got down to the knee, take out a ring, and said to her "Be my wife".  

That was my biggest event in life, after almost two years of being engaged, finally had the commitment to start being a family illegally. Whilst, so many people surround us were celebrate it together with us, Suzy just sat quietly on her chair. She did not say anything instead she hugs me and cried. The people and the staff were just enjoying that moment and gave support to both of us.

That night was worth it.

Suzy was excited about the news and shared it with her family. So does me, I shared it with my families and my friend. We planned the wedding for January 2014, so our preparation is about a month. Everyone was so supportive except for one person. Johnson had been my best friend for an ages, we shared stories and secrets. If he didn't agree with something there must be a reason behind it.

As the news of me getting married all over the office, people surround me started to congratulate me. I was started to felt excited. But, he, Johnson not even once congratulate as the news spread all over the office. Instead, he came to me and asked me if I already made up my mind. I was offended by his comment but I tried to calm down.

On Saturday, Suzy and I go to the wedding studio to try on our outfit. On that day, while she was going to the fitting room trying on the dress, I was holding her purse including her phone. Generally, Suzy's phone had a password, but although it was set with a password, I can still see a notification. It showed 10 missed call through her notification, I thought it must be urgent work. Apparently, the person keeps calling her, and I just had to take that call and explain to that person that she was unavailable at the moment. 

I slowly go outside from the studio and pick up the phone, barely even says anything because all I can hear is that person was talking, If you are there, please answer me. Why you not answering my call? I thought it was her manager, and I was about to ask who that person is, but then he continues talking about their recently meet up at her house last July. I realize that was the time when I was in Japan. I can feel my anger rise up, and immediately hang up the phone. I was about to throw the phone away but instead, I tried to cool down. 

I then realize that maybe there's something I didn't know about what going on, so I save that person's number on my phone in case I might need to see him another day. On that day, I don't have the excitement to try on any wedding dress. After Suzy finish on her fitting dress, I pretend that I'd sick. The truth is, I wanted to ask her about the person but surely she must have denied it. If she didn't speak any of the truth then I had to investigate it on my own.

After I sent Suzy off, the same day, I called Johnny. We met at someplace, and I start digging the truth from him. The situation became bleak, I'm being silent for a while, but he knew that I'm about to ask him about Suzy. He started to speak out even I did not ask him.

I knew you mad at me for not telling you the truth, he said. I am trying to tell you or asked you or I don't know because I'm not sure what I'm seeing on that day, because I probably will ruin your ...

Right after he said that I cut his word. "If you are my friend then you would tell me the truth even it will hurt." Right after that, I didn't say anything. Neither Johnson. We just sat and talk that day. 

I'm sorry man if I knew this I would happen I would have told you, Johnson added.

The best solution is by asking Suzy about it, but I was still reconsidered to asked her. It's hard to pretend that you are okay but the truth is your not okay. I was totally lost interest in my wedding preparation. Whilst Suzy was busy enjoying the bridal shower, I was so messed up mentally and tired physically to think twice about the wedding. Fortunately, I saved that person's number.

I had no choice, I had to meet with that person. 

Behind Suzy back, I met up with that guy. His name is Gary. I was pretending that I was Suzy's cousin, never did I knew that this person is actually a clueless person. So, bluntly I asked about them. He sat there and told me everything, he was in a relationship with Suzy since 2011, a year after I met Suzy. He didn't know that Suzy was actually my fiance and we will get married because Suzy did not contact him since the day I proposed to her. So, I planned something.

From that moment, I realize that I was being fooled by her, all of the sacrifices, all of my time was wasted by her. She just enjoying my luxury life. I genuinely think that I had enough with the game, and wanted to turn it on her own wedding day. I might seem bad for embarrassing her but compared to years of how she treated and used me, she will pay during the wedding day.

The wedding day will be an epic day in my life.

At our supposedly getting married ceremony, I invited Gary, which I didn't tell Suzy about that. Well, I did not invite him to be a guest, instead, I made him my groomsman without Suzy knowing about it. I know her family will be there, her best friend, and all others, but enough is enough. The moment she walks down the aisle, she immediately stops as she sees Gary. I just stand there and watching what could happen. 

Right on what I predicted, there was bickering and drama. In other words, my wedding does not go well but I'm glad that happened. The wedding day will be remembered by everyone. I know about it, after the incident, I never contacted Suzy again after that incident, nor with her family or answering her call. Up until now, I don't know where she at or what she was doing. 

Right now, I had a new life ahead, I got married to my wife in 2016 and right now I was blessed with two children, one daughter, and one son, and my life was much better than before. It's hard to pretend everything was okay, but eventually, the bad things will pass by and all we can do is just keep going. I was never meant to hurt anybody back in the day, but she deserved that.

I had so many choices in life but when people disrespect me, I'll be the karma.

Disclaimer: The character and name used in this short story are a made-up name and it is based on the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, locale or persons, living or dead is coincidental.

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