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To beautiful you - short stories 2020

“You look pretty in that dress” – Anonymous.I had a crush with one girl. I love to see her smile. I like how she dresses, how she tied her hair. She looks so cute. I always teased her look, teased how she was talking, but no one knew that I had the crush on her.Are you wondering how long I had known her? We know each other since we were a little kid. Our parents had a good relationship, for almost 20 years. She’s my best female friend in my hometown. She always came to help me when I was bullied. Since then, we’ve been a friend since we were 9 years old.Never had in my thought that I would have a crush with my best friend. But, that is possible, right?We’ve entered the same school since we still in primary school and up until now, we still entered the same college, same universities, but she was in her ballet classroom and I was more into social studies. Our faculties were apart, but when we had time, we would meet. As our relationship as a friend grow longer, and we became older, I r…

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