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3 reasons why you should not compare yourself with anyone |

Remembering what a long journey I had gone to achieve at a certain level. It took a lot of struggle and time consuming; I even had to take out some money. In certain circumstances, the feeling of being left far behind was always haunting my own mind. I never felt enough with my own self. It's kind of saddening. Somehow, you had to push the negative thoughts away and move on with your life. And because of that, we often compare ourselves because we never felt enough about what we had. Truthfully, we want to be like the person we aim for, to satisfy our own feeling. That is not good; it's torturing. Why should we compare ourselves with anyone else if we know that we had a limit?  It's nothing wrong, but at some point, we just need to be grateful for what we have.  Therefore, at this time, there are 101 reasons for us to not comparing ourselves with anyone. However, are we able to remember all of the reasons? I bet out of 10, only 1 or 2 we can follow. But nothing is i

5 signs that she falls in love with you |

How do we know that one particular person actually falls in love with you? There are many types of personality of a person, and to know whether they were interested in you or not, is quite confusing. Some were just way too friendly until we get misunderstood by the gesture or the way we were treated. Some were just wanted to hang out, nothing more. We thought it was a sign of someone was liking us, but it's not.  Therefore, grab your note and write it anywhere; here are 5 signs that she actually had felt for you. 5 signs that she falls in love with you 1) She wants to be near you. If you notice it, every woman had a secret when coming to a person they like. Women are very fragile; they want attention from the person whom they like. They were doing any kind of action to see either that person was noticing it or not. They just wanted to be with you. Spent a little time with you to explore the side of your personality. If you are a soccer player, she will support you e

3 things to do in 2020 |

We still had one month left before entering the year 2020. But, one month seems so short. So, here I am, planning on what to do, or can I achieve those 3 things within 1 year? We've heard about these verbs, " Man plans, God decides ". That is true, we do plan about anything, but the plan came out with action too. You plan, you do, and in the end, you'll see the result of it. It's not so difficult, but to take the first step might be a challenge for a beginner. So, here there are  3 things to do in 2020. 1) Climbing a Mountain Had I ever go climbing the mountains? I guess I only can see it through my window home. Years 2020 can be a difficulty for some of us or challenging despite being single and not married. Yeah, whatever. Go challenge yourself to take part in climbing or hike a mountain. Challenge your mind to think from the impossible to possible. Teach yourself to never give up, and whatever the circumstances are, you can make it through.

7 ways to do to relieve stress | Lisa Maurie

Life can be so challenging; at some point, you just reach the limit where you can't hold on anymore. Some of us were depressed because of the people surround us. And some were just too tired of the work, hectic life, and another thing that suppresses them. Life is like a roller coaster; it's not always at the top and not always at the bottom. You were going like 'zig-zag', and the way you handle that depends on what choices you made. Have you ever heard someone ask you these questions like, "what you doing right now?", "Are you jobless?", "Why are you single?". Well, maybe, different people define that question as a normal thing. But, not with some people. Sometimes, our choices are bad. Little thing that you know, you felt the pressure because you were pushed to do something that you are not ready for yet. Yes, life can sometimes be stressful, but here are 7 ways for you to relieve stress. 1) Listen to music "If I

Look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow (Lamentations 1:12) | Sister Ruth

Jesus has a unique way of winning our love, though not as we might expect. He does not promise us only good things, a life free from hardship. Rather, His most compelling attraction, that which inspires a soul to love Him with bridal love, lies in His passion. Among us, there is a young sister from Arizona. What brought her to Kanaan? Her father and brother are pilots. She herself had planned to become a teacher. Jesus was only a vague concept of her, but that was to change. It was Holy Week. On the night of Maundy Thursday-Good Friday, she meditated with our sisters in Phoenix on the Passion of Christ and worshipped Him as the Man of Sorrows. As she prayed, 'How can I thank You for what You suffered to save me?', she knew she could thank Him only by dedicating her whole life to Him. The Garden of Jesus' Sufferings, at Kanaan, testifies to all that He suffered for love of us. Many visitors have met with the Lord in his garden. They have wept tears of repentance, accepte

Please stop judging other people | Lisa Maurie

Have you ever been in a situation where you judge people too soon after seeing them for the first time? Or judging other people by the story said to you? Admit it, we all been in that situation. We judge too quickly, even we don't know the truth of it. We heard about people's backgrounds, and we believe exactly what we've been told. But, when coming to the truth, we can't even differentiate which stories we believe in. Sometimes, the stories behind everything is too hard to believe. If you want to know the truth, then get to know them. Befriend can be so hard because you still in adjustment to know about them. Especially if that is your first time meeting, you feel awkward around. The only way for you to adjust to a different environment is by just getting into it. Let's broke that awkwardness by deal with it. Somehow, we are the one that got judge by others. People heard about us, but some may be true, and some of it may not. We knew we are imperfectly m

Mold and Shape me, dear Lord (Romans 12:2) | Lisa Maurie

When I was still a kid, I do not know what is my purpose in life. I was thinking like, "oh, I want to become a doctor, or scientist, or someone whom people would respect of" . I only think about one thing. What I want to be when I grow up. Little that I know, when I grow up, I tend to face a lot of problems, and that problem either shape me or destroy me. Read also: What comes to your mind about growing up . As I grow up, I learned about life and how I survive in it. With the rule of the Biblical, I want to escape reality because I was a not-so-holy person. I can't live like what the Lord had said; everything was the opposite of my will. I want to do this, but the Bible said No. I want to do that, but the Bible said it all. " YOU CAN'T DO THAT ". I was using my brain so hard for making my decision wisely. Yet, we all had a limit. Read also: What is the purpose of life? When my age turns between 13 to 20 years old, I attend many conferences, gain my faith

3 Reasons why you still cling on your ex |

Love is so sweet and so much fun. Being in love with someone was the happier experience in life, especially the young blood. Love can sometimes make you forgot about the surrounding. It looks scary, but you still like it very much. So, you had been in a relationship for 3 or 5 years. Or just for 6 or 10 months. Whatever the number is, the days, weeks, months, or years, you know what it feels like, right? Different people had different situations and different experiences. It doesn't matter what kind of Love you've been going through. The point is, you know that feels. Love can be quite interesting sometimes, but had you been in a break-up?  Either you are a boy or a girl, ex can be troublesome .  There are many reasons " why ", but here are 3 reasons why you still cling to your ex. 3 reasons why you still cling to your ex 1) You never experienced a break up before When you are on the first day or 1-month anniversary, you feel on top of the world. This w

My beloved had turned and gone (Song of Songs 5:6) | Sister Dolores

If only we could learn to praise the Lord whenever He allows us to suffer in some way when we are in danger of becoming over-attached to people and work instead of giving Him our love! How He must love us if He would chasten us, even allow us to suffer, rather than see our love diminished in any way. Happy are those who are loved so dearly that even the smallest things can affect such a special relationship. This is why what is allowed to others is not necessarily permissible for them. A holiday in the quiet of the countryside - how I had been looking forward to going away. This was to be a time of prayer and preparation for an important new chapter in my life. But the joy of anticipation was soon overtaken by the disappointment of reality. The quiet for which I had yearned proved empty, and my prayers seemed to rebound from the ceiling. The Bible no longer spoke to me. I did not understand what God was doing. Was I not here just to listen to Him? A verse from Micah 7 was

5 things to do before you sleep |

Sleeping is a good thing for you to release yourself from any distressful mind. Sleeping can help you also to rest well. Without any further, here are some of the 5 benefits of sleeping . 5 benefits of sleeping 1. Reduce stress 2. Improve your memory 3. Lower your blood pressure 4. Maintain your weight 5. Puts you in a better mood Click HERE  for more information.  Everybody knows that sleep is a good thing, but here are the 5 things to do before you go to sleep. There's a lot of things you could do anytime when you are about to go to bed. Such as watching a movie until you fall asleep, or eat your favourite snack, or even read a book. But among all of the choices, which one do you prefer? Therefore, here are some of my favourite 5 things to do before going to sleep. 1) List down my to-do-list for tomorrow Always plan ahead. Therefore, write your-whatever-plan ahead. It might benefits you well for tomorrow's activities. Bring your small note for a better refer

5 habits to practice for a more organized life |

People do not simply become organisable; they learned from a habit. Therefore, if you find that you were not an organised person, there's plenty of time to learn how to do it. It's never too late to be more organised in your life. By practising a simple habit throughout your day would make you felt better and productive. Read also: How to be an organised person? 5 habits to practice for a more organised life. 1) List down what is your plan for today Being organised is always start to write down your to-do list. Write down your plan a day before or list what you want to do today. Sometimes we forgot a simple thing; listing what you want to do on a simple paper or on your phone would benefit you a lot for remembering a thing. 2) Schedule your day and put a deadline Buy some calendar or planner book, and schedule your activity. If you have any tasks on that day, put a deadline to be alert all the time. You can manage your time wisely. 3) Don't be lazy Be prod

10 signs he is the right one |

Dating can be quite scary. You don't know what would happen in the future. Some have been together for 10 years but eventually split up. Therefore, to have a serious relationship is to know that the person is the right one for you. But how? Here are some signs that he is right for you. 10 Signs that he is the right one for you: 1) You can communicate well with him. Often we heard that communication is the key to a successful relationship. If you can't communicate well with your partner, what is the point of being together?  By communicating, you were able to express all of your feeling towards him. 2) He gets along with your friends and family. Of course, you would like him to get along with your parents, sister, brother, relatives, and friends.  If your parents, siblings, and friends were not so sure about your relationship, listen to them. Ask for their opinion. That means something is not right about him or something bothering them about your relationship.

How to be an organized person? |

It's been a while since I haven't updated any of the progress on the blog. Therefore, today's blog is about being organised. Being organised is not everybody was into. Some people don't know where to start organising their work.  Therefore, I came up with a blog post about "How to be an organised person " either in work or in daily life. You can make a better plan for yourself, make it simple, systematic, and ease your work. So, let start with the step-by-step on how to be an organised person. 1) A book planner The secret of doing all the to-do-list or plan your work is by buying a book planner. You don't have to buy an expensive book planner—just the simple one. But, for a more organised, buy a book planner that had months on it. The reason is so that you can see what's going on at that specific time and plan your days onwards.  I bring my planner book anywhere, and I always refer to it. Everything I would jot down on my planner book

How to keep a long-distance relationship? |

A long-distance relationship can be quite troublesome sometimes. It keeps you think whether the other one would stay loyal? Is the other one fine? Your felt concern overflows, and other than that, you felt a lack of love.  Well, if you want to know whether your relationship stays stronger, you are in the right place to read some reasons. However, not all having the same reasons. It is due to the indifference of the couple. Whether you realise it or not, it all starts with  YOURSELF.  " Let's face it, most of the relationship would not stay long last because of the distance. " Yes, for some people, but here is the reason to keep you believe that long-distance relationships can still grow stronger. 1. COMMUNICATION Often we heard that Communication is the key to a relationship. That is the most important point that should be in every relationship. It doesn't matter if your story is interesting or boring. If that person loves you for whatever reasons you are,